Welcome to St Radigunds Community Centre

“A Space For All”


Our Vision

Our vision as a Community Centre is to build the strongest possible bond with visitors. This is achieved thanks to the motivation of local people, some of whom freely give their time by volunteering at the centre.

Every bit of our work is integrated, and all contributes to our purpose of supporting local people. The services we provide are carefully informed through our experience. Our research is driven by our knowledge gained working side-by-side with local people every day. This influences our campaigning for positive, sustainable change.


Our services

We support people to improve their life chances. We do this through our projects, offering education, training and support.

Our prime objective, continues to be a self sufficient community based organisation which provides welcoming, supportive, enriching activities and services within our community, with a special emphasis on young and elderly users.


Our principles

Non-discrimination is a core principle which emphasises that opportunities in education, employment, personal advancement, benefits and resource distribution, should be freely available to all citizens irrespective of their age, race, sex, religion, political association, ethnic origin, or any other characteristic.

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Our Trustees

Colin Barrett (Interim Chair) 

Colin Barrett (Treasurer)

Rosemary Wilson  

Leah Tully

Maureen bays

Kirsty Lawson 

Sandra Mallory

Alison Burton – Company Secretary


Our Patrons

Susan Jones

Kevin Mills

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